20 de marzo de 2013

John & Yoko

Hoy hace 44 años, John Lennon y Yoko Ono se casaban

Al no haber podido casarse en París unos días antes, John Lennon y Yoko Ono volaron a Gibraltar para la ceremonia 

"We chose Gibraltar because it is quiet, British and friendly. We tried everywhere else first. I set out to get married on the car ferry and we would have arrived in France married, but they wouldn't do it. We were no more successful with cruise ships. We tried embassies, but three weeks' residence in Germany or two weeks' in France were required." John

20 de Marzo de 1969:
John y Yoko se casan y comienzan su campaña permanente por la Paz.

“We decided that if we were going to do anything like get married that we would dedicate it to peace.
And during that period, because we are what we are, it evolved that somehow we ended up being responsible to produce peace.”
(John Lennon, Rolling Stone interview 1971)

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